All Star Cheer Teams


Team Placements
Athletes are placed on a team according to their age and skill level.  Ages 8-19.  Everyone makes a team!  Team Placements will be on April 25th. The All Star cheer season starts May 4th and goes through April 2021. Check out page 5 of our info packet for more details about Team Placements.

Weekly Practices
Each team will have two team practices each week.  These practices are 2 hours long.  Team practices will be two of the three days of the week Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday. Each athlete will also attend a one hour long tumbling class each week.  Tumbling classes are on Monday or Wednesday.

Expect travel-  Every other year we do a travel destination competition.  This year (2020-2021) is a travel destination year.  Part of what sets our All Star teams apart from our Prep teams are the competitions we attend.  You can expect a mix of in-town and out-of-town competitions.  Some will require overnight travel.  Expect approximately 6-8 events per season.  Some competitions are 1-day events, some are 2-day events.  Most competitions will be within driving distance.  For our travel destination competition you will most likely need to fly there.  We are waiting for all competition companies to release their competition schedules before we confirm our competition schedule for the season.   Our competition schedule will be announced by the end of May.

Dynasty All Star athletes get a new uniform package every 2 years.  The 2020-2021 season is the second year for the uniform package.  The uniform package includes uniform top, uniform skirt, bow, make-up, warm-up jacket, and backpack.  

Click Here for the All Star Cheer Teams Information Packet for the 2020-2021 season!

Click the purple button below to register for All Star Cheer.  View our class catalog and select Season 11.  Then enroll your athlete in All Star Team Registration.

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