School Squads

Dynasty can customize camps, clinics, or even weekly classes to your squads needs. We can help with tumbling, stunts, or full routine choreography.

Discounted Weekly Team Tumbling Classes- $30 per athlete/ per month
If you have ten or more athletes on your squad and would like to book a private monthly tumbling class for just your athletes at a discounted rate please email us at   Our normal tumbling class rate is $45 per month/per athlete.

Tumbling and/or Stunting Clinics- $30 per athlete
1 day clinics are a great budget friendly way to get your squad into the gym to work on skills. Each clinic is 2 hours long.  These clinics can be customized for what your team needs.   Clinics can focus on tumbling, stunting, jumps, motions, sideline, team bonding or a mix of all of it!  Minimum of 10 athletes required to book a clinic.  Please email us at to schedule your 1-day clinic today! 

Summer Camps- $50 per athlete
Looking for a great way to help your squad bond, and work on skills before school starts?  This is the perfect option for you!  Our summer camps are 2 days long and a total of 6 hours of instruction.   Each camp can be customized to fit the needs of each squad.  Minimum of 10 athletes required to book a summer camp.  Please email us today at to get your summer camp on the schedule!

Full Routine Choreography-$1500 per routine
If you are a high school squad who is planning on participating in the state competition for cheer but aren't sure where to get started this option is for you!  Our Full Routine Choreography package includes a 2 day camp with 6 hours of instruction at Dynasty for your athletes to learn the routine, and a routine clean-up session in late October/ early November before State Competition. This price does not include music. Please email us today at to book your Full Routine Choreography!  

Gym Rental- $50 an hour
Dynasty is located in West Des Moines, IA.   Our building is 8,000 square feet, and is equipped with bouncy spring floors, many sizes of tumbling mats, and a 30 foot long trampoline.   We have very high ceilings so stunting is never an issue.  The air conditioning and heat make it an enjoyable space to practice in the summer and in the winter.  This rental is intended for use of school squads only, and not for birthday parties.  If you are renting out Dynasty for your school team to practice, there must be a coach present at all times from the school to supervise the athletes.  All athletes will also need to sign a Dynasty waiver.  Please email us today at to book your gym rental!  

Gym Rental + Routine Clean-up- $75 an hour
Using our highly trained staff, we can help you put the finishing touches on your routine before you show up at competition!  We will help make sure your athletes are confident going into the season by helping to perfect each formation, motion, jump, and stunt.  Please email us at to book yours today!

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